Annual General Meeting Date Changed To June 6

Recently we advised you that the SONZ AGM for the 2022 financial year would occur on 24th May 2023. This release prompted questions from a number of Clubs querying the process for nominating candidates to contest any vacant positions on the Board. Upon reviewing the Constitution, we now realise that to allow sufficient time for this process to occur, we will need to push back the date for the AGM to allow some additional time for a voting and selection process to occur.  

As a refresher, we have both elected (2) and appointed (5) members on the SONZ board. This year one of the elected members (Simone Kokaua’s) 3-year term on the board expires. Although Simone intends to put her name forward for re-election, this remains a contestable process, meaning we will be asking Clubs for any further nominations to contest this vacancy. The successful candidate will be announced at the AGM.

To meet our obligations under the new Constitution, some re-workings of timing, including rescheduling the date the AGM has been necessary to accommodate the voting process. The following timeline outlines the selection process we will follow for elected members leading up to the AGM. 

Timeline to the AGM  

1GBAP* appointed (minimum 60 days prior to the AGM)Fri 31 March 
2Distribute the voting process to clubs with Advert and Position DescriptionBy Mon 3 April
3Nominations for election are received by the GBAP (3 week timeframe)Mon 3April – Mon 24 April
4Clubs nominate their representative for voting registrationBy Sun 30 April
5GBAP assess nominations against the selection criteria  (2 week timeframe)Mon 24 April – Sun 7 May
6GBAP recommended nominations are released to Clubs for voting (3 day timeframe)Wed 10 May
7Clubs vote (2 week timeframe)Thurs 11 May – Thurs 25 May
8Applicants informedMon 29May 
9Election results will be formally announced at the AGM (+60 days from the GBAP being appointed)Tues 6 June 

* Governing Board Appointment Panel (GBAP)

Apologies for any inconvenience this delay has caused, however as a Board we are committed to ensuring we undertake a fair and transparent process consistent with our constitution.  Thanks again to the Clubs that provided us with the feedback on this.

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