Young Athletes

Young Athletes is our free inclusive sport and play programme tailored for children with intellectual disabilities.

It introduces fundamental movement skills such as running, kicking, throwing, catching, and hand-eye co-ordination, and helps children develop social and emotional skills in a fun, active environment.

Benefits of the Young Athletes Programme

The benefits of our programmes go beyond sports. They;  

  • develop children’s self-esteem, sense of belonging, and confidence.  
  • help Tamariki interact with each other and develop communication, learning and listening skills.  
  • enable children of all abilities to experience success.  
  • encourage young people to try new things and find activities they enjoy.
  • provide Tamariki the opportunity to engage with others (peers, teachers, and parents) on a shared activity.

Our Programmes

Classes are run in-school and on weekends.

In-school Programme

4-8 week programme for school students aged approximately 5-12 years old.  

Key details:
Session length: 40-45 minutes  

Number of students per group: 8-10 (aim to group students by age)  

Teacher and Teacher Aide Support: a minimum 1:4 staff/student ratio is recommended (to be agreed between YAP Lead and school based on the nature of the class).  

Weekend Programme

6-week programme for children aged approximately 2-10 years old. Sessions run for 40 minutes and are held on Saturdays during the school term.  

Weekend Young Athletes Programmes are running in the Wellington region in 2024.  

Contact Information  
Rachel Goodin  
Phone: 0274248999  

Frequently Asked Questions

Motor Skills

Social Skills


Young Athletes at Home

Follow along with our Young Athletes at Home video series as programme leaders and tamariki take you through how to set up and do 9 easy exercises designed to help develop fundamental motor, social and communication skills, and have fun doing it!

View it all on our online learning platform, SportTutor. Sign-up takes less than 2 minutes and lets you watch the full series.

YAP Activities Flashcards

With our easy Young Athletes at Home Flashcards continue the learning and fun with family and friends!

To start pick 2 or 3 fun games to play and invite friends and family to get involved.

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