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Online Athlete Registrations

You can access the online athlete registration form from the main website menu under ‘register’.

Athlete Waiver and Code of Conduct

Athlete Medical Form

We require all athletes registering and re-registering to have completed a medical form that:

  • Has been completed by your general practitioner with their physicians stamp.
  • Is signed and dated within 3 months of when your athlete registration form is submitted
  • Is in PDF format for upload on the registration form.

Please note: Forms must in PDF format for upload, view our Help with PDFs and Uploading guide for tutorials on converting images/JPEGs to PDF.

Additional Resources

Athlete Information Sheet (PDF)

Athlete Medication Checklist (PDF)

Religious Objections Form (PDF)

Athlete & Volunteer Transfer Form

Athlete Registration Form – Paper version (PDF)

Online Volunteer and Unified Partner Registrations

You can access the online volunteer and unified partner registration form from the main website menu under ‘register’

Volunteer Waiver and Code of Conduct

Police Vetting Forms

When registering or re-registering as a volunteer or unified partner we require everyone to complete Police Vetting Forms as is required by the New Zealand Police and identity confirmation requirements set out in the Vulnerable Children Act regulations 2015.

The Police Vetting Forms include:

  • A Police Vetting Request and Consent form
  • A Proof of Identity form
  • A photocopy of your primary ID, signed and dated by an identity referee

Completed Police Vetting Forms can be uploaded in your online registration form. SONZ will submit them to the New Zealand Police on the prospective volunteer’s behalf, there is no cost.

Please note: Forms must in PDF format for upload, view our Help with PDFs and Uploading guide for tutorials on converting images/JPEGs to PDF.

Volunteer Driver Form

To be a volunteer driver for Special Olympics New Zealand a Volunteer Driver Form needs to be completed. This form can be submitted to SONZ in your online registration form, or at a later date by sending your completed form to

Additional Resources

Unified Partners Application Form (Paper) (PDF)

Unified Partners Religious Objections Form (PDF)

Single Sport Casual Volunteer Registration Sheet (PDF)

Volunteer Registration Form (Paper Version) (PDF)

Volunteer Supplementary Information Form (PDF)

Frequently Asked Questions

View our Frequently asked questions document for answers to common questions, including:

  • When will you find out if you’ve been accepted as an athlete or volunteer?
  • How will clubs know when registrations are submitted?
  • Completing registrations on behalf of the athlete
  • Finding out Athlete/Volunteer Membership ID numbers
  • Uploading athlete medicals and police vetting forms
  • Converting JPEGs to PDFs on Windows and Mac
  • How to tell the difference between JPEGs and PDFs

Uploading Documents – Converting JPEGs to PDFs

Athlete medicals and Police vetting forms are often scanned as images/JPEGS. These need to be converted to a single PDF in order to be uploaded to the online registrations.

The below tutorials work for both Athlete Medical forms and Police Vetting forms. You can also download our Help with PDFs and Uploading Guide.

You do not need to download any special software to convert JPEGS to PDFS.

How to convert JPEGs to PDFs on a Windows device

How to convert JPEGs to PDFs on a Mac device

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