Online Coach Training

Why be a Special Olympics New Zealand Coach?

Coaches teach the skills and spirit that define a true athlete. Coaches are role models and character-builders. Special Olympics coaches go even further, they help athletes with intellectual disabilities find their own strengths and abilities. They also show them how to build upon those strengths and improve every day.

As a Special Olympics coach, you bring enthusiasm, commitment and a positive attitude to each practice, event and competition. You will enrich the lives of our athletes in many life-changing ways. The skills and confidence an athlete can learn through sports have a long and lasting effect.

Coaches also get a lot in return. They get to know athletes who inspire, athletes who are brave and determined, despite the odds against them. Coaches become more than teachers, mentors and role models; they are leaders in the community.

Coach Development

Special Olympics New Zealand (SONZ) are committed to coaching excellence because it benefits both coaches and athletes at the same time. In a supportive learning environment, coaches work to enhance athletes’ sport techniques, tactics, fitness and overall wellbeing.

SONZ focus is on our athletes and we partner with sports organisations to provide the highest and most up-to-date level of coaching knowledge. Coach education helps our coaches recognise each athlete’s potential. It also comes into play as we increase training and competition opportunities. Our coaches aim high and take pride in their athletes’ achievements, which can often be life-changing moments.

Become an accredited Special Olympics Coach

Start the process of becoming a Special Olympics coach by completing both the Foundation and Development Coaching courses online. Once you have completed each course you will receive a certificate of accreditation by email (this may take up to two weeks).

Coaching athletes with autism

Special Olympics New Zealand is delighted to announce the new SportTutor learning platform is now live with our first online training course – Coaching athletes with autism.

Our first course provides an introduction to autism and offers research based support and advice for coaches who work alongside athletes with autism.

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