Nutrition Tips James Wilson

Health Leader James Wilson shares his tips on eating health and staying hydrated.

Stay in tip-top shape with James Wilson’s nutrition tips!

A nutrition message from Health Leader James Wilson

In the lead up the National Summer Games nutrition is even more important than usual.  Here’s what I eat every day, but I’m a powerlifter and need a lot of fuel!  You don’t have to eat as much as me, but here are a few useful pointers.

Pick from the following food groups:

  • 🍎 Fruits
  • 🥦 Vegetables
  • 🍞 Grains
  • 🥛 Dairy
  • 🥣 Protein. 

Make sure that you choose colourful vegetables including green leafy vegetables and stick to low sugar fruits such as berries, although bananas are a great pick me up during a tough work out.  And stay hydrated – on training days I take in even more fluids than shown here!


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