Want to Make or Leave a Long Term Gift to SONZ? Now You Can. 

Have you thought about making a gift in your Will for the benefit of SONZ? Or perhaps a gift to SONZ in memory of a loved one?  

Maybe you have items of value such as paintings or jewellery you wish to give now or leave later?

Until recently, the primary avenue for such giving was via SONZ’s operating arm, but since August last year, gifts like this can be made via the dedicated SONZ Foundation, a separate supporting entity to SONZ. 

The Foundation is overseen by five Trustees, all of whom have been handpicked for their governance, financial and communications skills and their huge hearts for Special Olympics in New Zealand being active forever.   

If you wish to make a living gift (which is tax deductible) you are encouraged to speak directly to a Foundation Trustee or to our Funding Manager, Catherine Stewart (more details on Catherine are below!).

If instead, you wish to make a bequest so that funds are received when your Will is settled, then our advice is to speak with your lawyer in the first instance, so that the various gifting options can be explained to you.  Please know that no gift is too large or too small, and that it’s important your family members are considered first. For some, their preference is to nominate a set amount for gifting, and for others, the preference might be to nominate a percentage of their estate.  Your lawyer will be able to explain these options, and others, more fully to you.   

What happens next?  Once the Trustees are advised of your gift and the funds received, we consolidate your funds with those already held by us and these are invested in accordance with our published investment policies.  As interest is earned, it is either re-invested or used to distribute to SONZ for special projects or initiatives that align with the Foundation’s distribution policy.  You can read all about it here:   

In terms of the work that has been undertaken by the Trustees to get us to this point, it’s been a busy time since our launch at Parliament Buildings where many athletes, families and dignitaries were present.  Trustees have selected their investment advisors, established the portfolio and more recently, they all attended the National Summer Games and had the great pleasure of giving out medals.  The Trust’s next body of work is to establish a communications plan so that we can talk directly to SONZ families and supporters about our important fundraising role.

In the meantime, we are delighted to introduce you to Catherine Stewart so she can tell you more about herself.

Hi, I’m Catherine Stewart and I’ve been employed as the Funding and Operations Manager for SONZ and the Foundation.  I come with a background of community and volunteer work in a range of positions, both paid and unpaid, complemented by a stint in the Public Sector working in the disability space.  My education saw me earn a Master of Education, Post Graduate Diploma in Human Resources and Industrial Relations and a Bachelor of Arts in Education and Geography, so I am excited to have all of these interests wrapped up together in my new role.  If I can help you in any way with regards to Foundation questions, please let me know by emailing me on or calling me on 0272231011

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