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Updated 23 June 2021 7pm.

The below information outlines the current Special Olympics New Zealand response to changes in alert levels and is valid from 23 June 2021. The details below may change with short notice so please ensure that you check our website for any changes, alongside new announcements from the government.


  • The Wellington region is now in Alert Level 2. SONZ clubs and staff within the Wellington region must follow SONZ’s alert level 2 protocols in regards to trainings, events, meetings and school activity as outlined below and in our return to activity guide.
  • The Manawatū Basketball event is currently the only event directly impacted by the change in alert level – this event has been postponed. SONZ will be working directly with the host club and all clubs entered to attend.
  • School activity is the Lower North Island will be halted while the Wellington Region is at alert level 2.

Alert Level Protocols and Return to Activity Guide

Below is the updated SONZ response to alert levels and return to activity guide, this is a living document and will continue to be amended as the situation evolves.

Depending on your region’s alert level, the protocols and restrictions outlined in our Return to Activity Guide will apply:

Training at Level 2

Clubs can train at level 2 with the following restrictions:

  • Your regional restriction on social gatherings is set at 100 or less.
  • All athletes, coaches and volunteers to wear a face mask on the way to and from training
  • All coaches and volunteers to wear a face mask during training where possible
  • Contact tracing forms are completed at each training session and returned to SONZ on the last Friday of every month
  • Contactless thermometers are used at all trainings
  • Hand hygiene protocols continue to be followed, and to be promoted by coaches
  • Clubs do not have to run training, this is an option for clubs to consider their own situation and evaluate what is appropriate to do.
  • No spectators allowed at training whilst at level 2.

Club events at Level 2

Clubs may host and attend events at level 2 with the following restrictions:

  • Your regional restriction on social gatherings is set at 100 or less.
  • SONZ sanctioned events at level 2 can continue immediately.
  • SONZ return to activity guide becomes active and a minimum of three training sessions must be undertaken prior to athletes being able to return to competition.
  • Although SONZ are allowing activity to resume at level 2, all event managers for each event will work with the scheduled venue to determine the requirements that would enable you to be host an event at level 2.
  • Once details are confirmed with the venue the event managers should connect with you regional sport coordinator to work through the logistics and implications that might affect entries, volunteers and officials.
  • Evaluate whether or not the current event still works for your club, and those that normally attend, or would it be more appropriate to postpone to a future date.
  • Entries to events must be from clubs that are living in an area with the same alert level restrictions as the region the event is being held.
  • Due to restrictions on public gatherings there may need to be restrictions on entries to events. The host club and RSC will work with clubs to determine the number of athletes able to attend each event.
  • Events can be confirmed following the above steps are completed. 
  • Clubs are not obliged to run a scheduled event at level two, this can still be postponed to a future date.
  • No spectators allowed to attend events whilst at level 2.
  • Contract tracing forms are completed at every event.
  • Contactless thermometers are used at all events on all participants, coaches and officials.
  • Hand hygiene protocols continue to be followed, and is promoted by coaches/volunteers.
  • Officials, coaches and volunteers to wear a face mask at events where possible.

Events at level 2 can be confirmed following the steps below:

Club Meetings

We recommend that clubs at alert level 2 hold any meetings virtually via zoom or similar platform. If you would like to access the SONZ zoom platform please talk to your RSC to arrange this. 

While we are at alert level 2 and higher the RSC’s will only attend club meetings virtually. 

Staff will be able to participate at club meetings in person upon return to Alert Level 1.

School Activity

School activity is the Lower North Island will be halted while the Wellington Regional is at alert level 2.  Our RSC’s are based in Wellington and should they travel outside of the Wellington Region they will need to take their alert level bubble with them.  At this time we believe it is appropriate to pause the schools programme until the next announcement on Sunday. When the Wellington Region returns to level one we will return to our full school programme. 

School programmes outside of the Lower North Island will continue as normal at Alert Level 1.

We are continuing to refine our response to the alert levels as new situations arise, therefore there may be some small differences in our response today, than responses in March this year or during 2020. Our priority for SONZ is to have all of our athletes, coaches, volunteers and staff safe.  We are thinking of the well being of our athlete from both a mental and physical perspective, and how inactivity and isolation can impact them. 

Clubs should think about this when balancing up whether or not to continue with training and make sure that they put in place whatever best works for your club.

Thank you for the work that you do and patience during this uncertain time. Please contact your Regional Sports Coordinator to discuss any individual issues that may arise.

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