Club Consultations

The 2021 club consultations are a follow-up from our previous club consultations in 2019, where SONZ is continuing to work with clubs to talk about how SONZ goes forward and importantly, have the club’s perspective on the decisions and processes.

All club Consultations are now complete. You can view resources below from the consultations and view videos from Rob Torrance, Chair of the Board of Trustees, about the purpose of the Club Consultations and clarifications on frequently asked questions.

FAQs, information & resources

FAQs, information and resources for clubs following up from the club consultations. These resources are also available on our athlete and club resources page

Clarifications on frequently asked questions from Chair of the Board, Rob Torrance.

Listen to the Board of Trustees Chair Rob Torrance and CEO Carolyn Young as they discuss the purpose of this year’s club consultations.

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