Relationship & Charitable Trust

Following on from the club consultation that took place between 2019 – 2021 the following resources and information are available regarding the new Relationship and Accreditation Agreement and Charitable Trust documentation.

Additionally a letter from Board Chair Rob Torrance is available below. The chair has outlined in his letter to clubs that we are striving to work towards building a respectful and trusting relationship between SONZ and clubs and that this is the underpinning of how we want to move forward together. 

Resources for Clubs:

1. Relationship Agreement

This document has been finalised and is ready for execution by both clubs and SONZ.  The intent of this document is to set out the relationship that we aspire to have, our core principals and requirements etc. and secondly the accreditation terms and conditions to continue to belong to Special Olympics. 

This document is a living document and may requires tweaks from time to time.  Any changes will be affected prior to signing each year. The first period of this agreement is from 1 November 2021 – 31 December 2022.  This document will replace the Club Rules document on 1st November.

We ask that clubs return their Relationship Agreement to their RSC once signed 31 October 2021.

2. Charitable Trust Deed

This is a templated trust deed for clubs to use in order to change from their current status into an independent legal entity.  The Board are recommending that clubs become a charitable trust, however some clubs may want to be an incorporated society. 

We are requesting that if any club requests to become an incorporated society that they speak to us first so that they proceed down this pathway aware of the level of support SONZ can offer them and for SONZ to understand further the clubs drivers and decision making process.

3. How to guide

The how to guide has been developed by Board Trustee and Kapiti Club Chair Anne Cheetham as the Kapiti Club have already gone through the process and become a Charitable Trust. Anne developed this document to support clubs in this process. Anne is available to do a zoom with any clubs that would like to discuss the process further.

What do we need from clubs?

Firstly, we have asked that clubs return their Relationship Agreement to your RSC once signed 31 October 2021.

Secondly, if clubs have any questions about establishing a Charitable Trust please contact Josie Fitzsimmons (RSC Director) or Anne Cheetham (Board Trustee), both are available to support you through this process.  Some clubs will be ready to make these changes straight away and we encourage you to do this prior to the end of the year, and start the new entity on 1 January 2022 to ensure that it coincides with the club’s financial year end.

Thank you for your patience as we have worked through this process and gathered feedback from clubs.