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Ian Mischefski

Spanning more than 35 years, Ian Mischeski’s (Mush) passion for basketball has seen him bring his skills and love of the game to Special Olympics New Zealand.

Based in New-Plymouth, Mush has been “lucky enough” in his 10 years as a basketball coach for Special Olympics North Taranaki to have attended two National Games, two Trans-Tasman Games and many regional competitions.

“The next step for me was to put my name forward for selection as a coach for the World Games, which I was lucky enough to be selected for.

“I have wanted to improve my skills as a Special Olympics basketball coach by involving myself at a higher level and hope that my involvement in the Games will achieve this. I also plan to increase the player numbers in the sport, giving a more diverse and higher level of coaching.”

His goal for this year is to show what the athletes can achieve on the world stage to showcase their talents to the world.

While Mush’s contribution to Special Olympics is invaluable, he believes he gets more from the athletes that he coaches than the get from him.

“It is great to see the development that athletes achieve through sport in all aspects.

“I get quite emotional when the Global Messengers are put in front of an audience and speak with such confidence. Quite often I think it would be great for the wider community to experience what I have experienced with our athletes.”

As a business owner, Mush says he is able to get time off when needed to spend time coaching his athletes. He has also served on the Board of Trustees at two schools and been involved with the Scouting movement.

“I have no children at home, a very supportive wife and will be retiring from work in a couple of years, which will free up even more time for Special Olympics.”

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