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Transitions programme


Leaving school and heading out into the world is a big step! Belonging to a Special Olympics Club can make the transition easier – you’ll already know the athletes and coaches! The Club will stay the same when the other parts of your life are changing.

The Special Olympics New Zealand Transitions programme is designed to encourage and reward athletes as they to move from the secondary schools programme to a Club. This transition is important so athletes do not break their sporting cycle or lose track of their athlete friends.

Special Olympics New Zealand starts the Transition Programme early. Ideally athletes participate in a school programme and a Club at the same time.

There are five steps in the Special Olympics New Zealand Transition Programme:

  • Enrolment
  • Participation in first school competition
  • Joining a Club
  • Completion of six months club training
  • First club competition

When athletes enrol in the Transitions Programme, they receive a certificate. As they pass through the five steps, they are rewarded with a sticker for the certificate. Once they have achieved all five steps and their certificate is complete, they receive a badge.

“You could stop your Special Olympics sports when you leave school, but why would you want to when you’re having so much fun and making so many friends through them?”

Rebecca Heath, Special Olympics New Zealand Global Messenger Class of 2010. Rebecca participated in the school programme and transitioned to the Club Programme. She is now a teacher aide for students with intellectual disability at her former high school.

For more information about Clubs, the school or transition programmes contact your local Regional Sports Coordinator or:

National Office

+64 4 560 0360

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